If you haven’t heard of Korner, you’re out of the loop. Created in France and packaged in the England, this popular new import originated in Australia. They launched last fall with their signature collection of quality products and packaging fit to grace the counters of the modern-chic European accommodations like those created by Design Hotels. This fall they bring us two mild masks: Emerge Luscious Plumping Mask and Sparkle Brightly Renewal Mask.


Emerge Luscious employs plant and flower extracts to encourage collagen production; silk and cotton to repair skin, and mango and shea butter to soften and moisturize. Sparkle Brightly is a milky mask with a glycerin base that moisturizes but fruit extracts, sugar cane and rice powder that exfoliate and promote cell turnover. Many exotic oil extracts such as cinnamon, pepper and nutmeg add another element, serving as antiseptics But despite a hefty list of ingredients this mask is exceptionally mild. It’s great for sensitive skin because it leaves a smooth finish without irritating the epidermis.

Most beauty junkies don’t consider the amount of work and the number of steps involved in creating product. There are entire conventions based on cosmetics packaging developments, but it took a Parisian company to dream up this cooling concoction.

Now, let’s recall a Sex in the City moment, one I was reminded of at the Bendel breakfast where I first learned about Ice Beauty. The U.S. representative explained to me that in addition to the full line of products, there are also two items for men that have been wildly successful, featured in all sorts of gay glossies. Naturally, my thought process turned to one of Samantha’s lines “first come the gays, then the girls, then the industry.” Well, this is far too sophisticated a product to be shared with teenagers, no matter how big their allowance or social circle, so we are skipping straight from the gays to the press.

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